On behalf of non-residential buyers and sellers, the core business focuses on properties valued at over EUR 10,000,000.00, the Private Real Estate Division implements a global and innovative business approach, optimising all financial, tax, legal and patrimonial aspects of its client deals and investments.


The expert valuation services provide, with the highest level of confidentiality, customized and complete valuation reports of market value of the properties according to present and future market trends and incorporates the whole life cycle of your project, from the strategic planning right through to completion.

Seasonal renting

The Private Real Estate Division offers a prestigious seasonal rental service based on discretion and flexibility of a dedicated service. Its a broad selection of the finest-quality houses guarantees unique customer service to make your stay magical.

Property Management

AMA Real Estate dedicated team to property management, with discretion and quality of a prestigious service assemble and supervise a detailed management plan aimed at given complete freedom and peace of mind to relish every homecoming and enjoy every stay.

Tax Representation

The Tax team of AMA Real Estate headed by a former Tax Solicitor is focusing on client’s interest and provide agreed tax representation of individual non-resident owner of French properties and French real estate companies’ shares subject to limited tax liabilities in France on their real estate wealth and earnings.